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About Us

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything

Thomas Carlyle

You can take most things for granted in life and get away with it. Your health is not one of them. We often tend to forget the brevity of life, due to the myriad distractions that surround us in the modern world.

This is a reality we, at Labgenius simply cannot accept.

Whether it’s the health of our loved ones, or ourselves that’s at stake, we must act. We’re at war to detect and prevent diseases so that people at the end of the day can live fuller, healthier lives in the company of their loved ones.

Due to the healthcare system in the country being rather large, complex and chaotic, it can be hard for people to understand the importance that each individual component of that system plays in the ultimate goal of enriching their lives by preventing and detecting diseases. It can feel overwhelming for a lot of people to get involved in that system. For this reason, we wanted to create something that was unique. After observing a gap in the system for high quality accredited referral laboratories, that are driven by strong values, the experienced founding team decided to do something about it.

We do not view ourselves as ‘just another cog’ in a large and chaotic machine of healthcare in the country.

As a referral medical laboratory, we are a crucial part of an overall complex system of healthcare. Yet, our purpose remains as simple as ever.

We view ourselves to be in the business of saving, preserving and nurturing human life.

We understand this deeply, which is why we put the patient at the centre of our efforts. Precise, Accurate diagnosis means potentially helping mitigating catastrophe in the patient’s lives and giving them more time to spend in the company of their loved ones. Our commitment to Excellence and Quality translates to the fact that, if we do our job well every single time, we would be achieving this valuable and worthwhile end which is worth all the struggle.


To be the nation’s most trusted medical diagnostic brand


To become the nation’s most trustworthy medical diagnostic brand by 2025, that is known among patients to hold the highest principles of medical ethics

What Drives Us





Why are these beliefs important to us?

The basic philosophy, spirit, and drive of an organization have far more to do with its achievements than resources, structure, innovation and timing.

Thomas Watson Jr, IBM corporation.


For us, Precision is not just a commitment but a constant pursuit.

In our business, random errors in reporting or from machines can be fatal. Being fully aware of this, with our focus on precision, we aim to design random errors out of the diagnosis process altogether by being on a constant pursuit of higher precision. To consistently improve precision in the diagnostic process and reduce the role of random errors either from machines or reporting falls directly in our vision.


To be good enough, is not our aim.

It is to be excellent. Continuously Excellent. To always be in a pursuit of continuous excellence in all the areas that we provide service. We believe in chasing an ever - higher standard at all times. In our vision of preserving lives, excellence in every single step is a necessity which cannot be looked over even on a single day.


When a patient walks in for a medical test, she has a million anxious thoughts racing through her mind. It makes you feel vulnerable. These feelings of anxiety and vulnerability can unnerve patients, which is caused by the degree of uncertainty they have to face to which they may not be used to in their everyday lives. At times, the feeling of uncertainty itself is more frightening than the thing you fear.

Although, these feelings about a medical test can never fully be relieved, it can be dealt with more effectively by providing highly accurate test results from our end. In fact, it is our duty.

Our commitment to accuracy ensures that the test results only points to what’s necessary and, thus removing the uncertainty in the process and giving patients the clarity they so desire during a medical test.


No business can sustain and grow without delivering quality, time and again. we believe ourselves to be no different. We employ the highest levels of quality control measures and compliance required for a referral medical laboratory.

We are ISO Accredited.

These are the ideals that we, as a company always strive to work towards. They provide us with guidance and inspiration both during good and bad times.

The Team

Our executive team at Labgenius has a combined experience of more than 50 years, across 5 countries such as India, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Qatar. During these years, they’ve gained priceless experience and wisdom in the fields of healthcare, Administration and Management of referral medical laboratories.


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