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LABGENIUS Diagnostics is an ISO Accredited fully automated referral medical laboratory that helps our patients and health care providers in the advance patient care and broaden access to specialized testing. In the spirit of our mission to provide high quality services to our customers. LABGENIUS Diagnostics view testing as an integrated part of each patient’s episode of care. The systematic testing approach ensures that you receive the right test for the right patient at the right time.

Our customer service desk, hello@labgenius.in is happy to provide you with personalized and timely service whenever you need answers. You can be reached our desk by calling 080-4555 7800, +91 95135 92401/ 402

Home collection is totally free of charge. You can download your lab reports from the site with your unique log in ID and password at your convenience.

We offer various comprehensive health check up packages. Please visit the “Health Packages” section of the website.

we offer a broad range of routine, specialized and specialty laboratory tests. Labgenius has the exclusive center of excellence for all DNA analysis where all the DNA tests are carried out in Bengaluru itself which will help the patients and healthcare providers to get the lab reports within a short span of time. If you find difficulty in ordering tests, please upload your prescription under the “ Book appointment” page, and our customer service desk will do the needful.

Registration to the site allows you to receive special offers and packages, download your reports at your convenience and content updates.

You can get your report emailed if you provide your email ID during the registration process.

We are happy to hear from you. Kindly visit the “Contact Us” page and share your comments/feedback.

Over 75% of the decisions your doctor makes about your health care are based on lab results. Your doctor is depending on the lab report to make the best possible choices for you. So it’s important to make sure your lab provides the highest quality results. Labgenius is committed to precision, excellence, accuracy, and quality in what we do.

Each sample is carefully labeled after collection. A laboratory number is given to your request form and samples to ensure they are not nixed up. This number is unique and assists in ensuring that the correct tests are performed on each sample. We have thorough cross checks in place throughout the testing procedure with highest standards and controls.


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