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Salient features of Labgenius diagnostic services includes,
1. Diagnosis – confirmation or rejection of clinical diagnosis
2. Prognosis - information regarding the likely out of come of disease
3. Monitoring - natural history or response to treatment
4. Screening -detection of subclinical disease.
The services includes

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Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical biochemistry services provides complete information about the normal and abnormal  biochemical reactions and cellular metabolism. The labgenius Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory provides an extensive range of routine and specialized testing …

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Clinical Pathology

The  Clinical Pathology at labgenius Diagnostics supports the diagnosis of disease using laboratory testing of blood and other bodily fluids, tissues, and microscopic evaluation of individual cells.The department employs advanced computer technology …

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The Hematology Section consists of a highly trained and experienced hematology technologists with well equipped and validated instruments. It has two fully automated 5-part differential cell counters, fully automated coagulation …

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Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics is the method of profiling a patient’s biological composition at a genetic level. This helps us build patient-specific diagnostic data – which essentially is taking patient care to …

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Immunology services refers to the diagnostic tests and investigations undertaken for the identification, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases. These diseases typically affect the body’s immune system and weakens it …

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Serology is focused on tests that conclusively prove that there is a fungal, viral or protozoal infection in a patient. A serology test is carried out to determine the levels …

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Histo & cytopathology

The department of surgical pathology includes the sections of Histopathology, Cytopathology and Immuno histochemistry. The department’s strength is its highly experienced team of Oncopathologists. The quality of reporting is further …

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The department of Microbiology has the latest and standardized equipments including BacT-ALERT-3D, rapid Blood culture system (BD) and Phoneix (BD) compact for automatic identification and sensitivity of bacteria ,T.B. and …

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