Clinical biochemistry services provides complete information about the normal and abnormal  biochemical reactions and cellular metabolism. The labgenius Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory provides an extensive range of routine and specialized testing services for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment to all Medical, Surgical, and Clinical Research patients. The section consists of both specialized and diversified areas like Biochemistry, Immunoassay, and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. It offers a full array of laboratory services, provided by a team of highly skilled technical staff under the supervision of well trained Medical Biochemist. It aims to deliver excellent, cost-effective and evidence-based patient care, within a clinically relevant turnaround time.

Sugar Panel

Renal Panel / Urine Chemistry

Liver Function Test (LFT)

Anemia Panel

Lipid Panel

Cardiac Panel

Special Chemistry

Minerals & Trace elements (serum /Urine)



Tumor Markers

Body Fluid analysis