Our health is our greatest treasure. Taking care of our health is utmost important. But in our daily life, we keep on looking for excuses to not visit our doctor. Be it for saving money or for other reasons like ‘I am too young and healthy to go to a doc’, ‘I don’t have time today; may be next week, I’ll get an appointment…”,we keep on ignoring our health. We do not understand the fact that performing regular health check –ups from young age can actually save many lives. Saving some bucks today by ignoring periodic check-ups, we increase the risk of occurrence of several health issues in future.
Money is not everything. Yes…without money we cannot survive. But how can you earn if you don’t possess a healthy body? Along with a healthy body, a healthy mind is required to stay fit. A healthy person is one who stays fit, is physically active and mentally alert. If your body is affected by any disease, physical or emotional you cannot be truly successful in life. The good news is that modern medical science has made unparalleled advancements. As a result, people across the globe are enjoying long lives today. Not only this, the quality of life has also improved with all those medicinal drugs, treatments and miraculous therapies. The average life expectancy at birth for the U.S. population, according to the National Centre for Health Statistics, is 78.7 yrs for men and 81.1 yrs for women.
While for most of us getting a health checkup is on our to do list, its often lost on us for one reason or another, until we fall sick and the doctor asks us to under go one. We believe individuals should get a health check-up done on a regular basis to solidify their good health and wellness. Let us elaborate our perspective with the following reasons.
Many Diseases do not have major symptoms until it’s too late. The mild symptoms might get ignored in our busy lives. Getting a health checkup is like looking for that first mouse in the house before it breeds and lays havoc to hygiene at home. As we will not ignore the first mouse in the house when we see one, similarly potentially high risks to our health , might not be visible until we get experts to look for them. These are the three key advantages of getting a health checkup

  • You know the condition or state of your health. Health checkup clears the ambiguity around status of your health, in a way empowering all of us with the information.
  • You can prevent diseases that may be in their early stages
  •  You can get an preventive treatment/care to a disease whose symptoms might not have shown up yet

Do I need a health checkup?

Every individual should undergo regular health checkup after the age of 25. As heart, lung, bowel, liver and kidney disease are among the most common causes of long-term illness in India, early detection is an important form of disease prevention

The interval at which these health checkups should be done varies from person to person. Normally once a year but for some special cases, it would be lesser than a year. The interval of the health checkup basically decided on the risk factors.